Handmade fusion glass tableware. No contact with the color of the patterns because the décor is between two glass plates. Dishwasher.

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  • Saladier Grande Tée


    Little brother of the big model, bowl fully decorated and handmade for salads, pasta or fruit. Also used as a decorative element on your table or buffet.

  • Great Tide Cup


    Small cup that can be used for the kitchen as well as for the bathroom, according to your desires and your needs. Resilient, its seaside design heralds summer!

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  • Coral soap door


    Bathroom soap holder or toilet decorated with coral on white background. It can also be used as a decorative element in a seaside themed interior on a coffee table or a dessert.

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  • Yellow Seaweed Soap Door


    Brightly coloured oval-shaped soap holder to give a splash of sunshine to your home.

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  • Coral spoon rests


    Rest spoon for kitchen but you can use as you see fit decorated coral on white background. Original décor for your home.

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  • Kali Cup


    A cup to be placed on a coffee table, on a buffet or a dessert for a decorative touch. Available in three motifs, it is entirely handmade.

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