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  • Mug motif arbre

    Mug avec motif arbre de la marque Zone. Mug en grès avec un motif "Arbre" en noir. Divers couleurs.

  • Enzo Carpet

    Enzo bath mat or bed descent. 100% cotton carpet, dense and durable weaving. Machine washable at 30oC. No bleach. Available in several colours.

  • Synthetic Pillow Fjord Health

    Synthetic Pillow Fjord Health Farm LESTRA. 100% top cotton checkered satin outer wrap, Teflon-anti-stained, zippered opening Inner wrap envelope 100% upper cotton treated Greenfirst anti-natural mites Garnish flakes 100% polyester Finish green piping. Available on a farm and fluffy.

  • Synthetic pillow Fjord

    Microduv LESTRASynthetic Pillow. Satin checkered wrap, 100% top cotton, treated Teflon stain-proof Microduv 100% polyester silicon finish Grey piping.

  • Crystal Fjord Down Pillow

    Pillow Duvet Moelleux Fjord Cristal LESTRA. Fine percale wrap 100% cotton, treated Greenfirst anti-natural mites Garnis natural new white duck, 85% down / 15% feathers Finish chocolate piping.

  • Ergonomic Fjord Pillow

    Ergonomic LESTRAFjord Pillow. Envelope 65% cotton, 35% polyester, removable by zipper. 100% cotton-treated subse envelope Greenfirst anti-mites. Filling block of viscoelastic polyurethane foam to form memory.

  • Pillow Fjord serenity...

    Pillow Fjord Serenity Relaxation LESTRA. Envelope 65% cotton, 35% polyester, removable by zipper. 100% cotton under wrap, treated Greenfirst anti-mites. Filling block of viscoelastic polyurethane foam to form memory.

  • Oreiller bébé

    Oreiller bébé Lestra. Enveloppe déhoussable tricot siglé bamboo (amovible par fermeture à glissière) : 56% polyester / 44% viscose issue de la fibre de bambou. Enveloppe intérieure 100% coton Garnissage nappe polymérisée 100% polyester épaisseur 4 cm Taille disponible (en cm).

  • Natural synthetic baby duvet

    Natural Baby LESTRADuvet. Not suitable for a child under 9 months of age. Use with a suitable duvet cover. 100% Very Soft Top Cotton Wrap, 100% Polyester Silicon Creux 300g/m2 Piquage Lines Finishing Cotton Bias .

  • Primo fleece pad protector

    Molleton Primo mattress LESTRA. Molleton 100% cotton 220g/m2 Scraped 2 faces, Crusader 2/2 - White Treatise greenfirst anti-natural mites. Shape Drap Cover. Cap 30 cm

  • Alèse waterproof fleece...

    Matelas Molleton Impervious Brio LESTRA. 100% cotton softness scraped onto a breathable, waterproof micro polyurethane film. 200g/m2. Drap Cover Bonnet 27 cm.

  • Duo fleece pad protector

    Matelas Molleton Special Duo Head and Feet Liftable LESTRA: Special Head and Feet Liftable Molleton 100% Cotton 220g/m2 Scraped 2 faces Treated Greenfirst Natural Anti-Mites. Drap Cover Cap Shape 30 cm.

  • Primo fleece pillow protectors

    Molleton Primo LESTRApillow protectors. Molleton 100% cotton 220g/m2 Scraped 2 faces, Crusader 2/2 - White Treated Greenfirst anti-natural mites.

  • Lot of 2 sets of table...

    Lot of 2 Table sets coated peony Le Jacquard French. United table sets. Damask of high-end cotton coated treated anti-stains, anti-slide. Sold in batches of 2. Made in France. Soak in clear, cold water 1 to 2 hours before the first use to remove the primer.

  • Yellow pop retro tablecloth

    Nappe Retro Pop Yellow Le Jacquard Français. Flowers nothing but flowers and a new energy to scare away the grayness. In sun yellow, the light effect is guaranteed... 100% cotton combed long fibers, chain and color weft.

  • Nappe richesse des indes

    Nappe Richesse des Indes Turquoise Jacquard Français. C'est un dessin au trait inspiré des ciselures de pierre, des broderies de saris et des blocprint qui ont fleuri en Inde sous le régime des Rajas. Les motifs végétaux, cadrés d'une rayure nattée, apparaissent en relief, subtiles comme dans un travail d'aiguille.

  • Lot of 2 sets of table Typo...

    Lot of 2 sets of Table Typo-Graph Stone Jacquard French. Anti-tasking table sets.

  • Table path Victoria cyclamen

    Vis à Vis or table path Victoria cyclamen Le Jacquard French. Color brings modern energy. Floral motifs, nothing like to give shine and boost a decoration that the delicacy of pink cyclamen. A perfect sorbet mode for summer! Chain and color frame. Also available in thrush color.

  • Vis-à-Vis -Ocean Pirates...

    Vis à Vis or Table Path Pirates Ocean Le Jacquard French. Pirates Ocean makes a seaside impression. Featuring sailor stripes in shades of blue on white, the neon stitching adds a touch of casual chic to the lines of blue and white. . 100% cotton combed long fibers. French manufacturing .

  • Strawberry Torchon

    Torchon Strawberries. The traditional French towel revisited with a gourmet strawberry décor. Quality and finishes: chain and weft 100% cotton combed long color fibers. This towel comes in three colours: Blue, Black and Red. Washable at 60 degrees. Produced in Gerardmer in the Vosges.

  • Maia bed throw

    Maia's VIVARAISEBed Throw. Nice bed-to-bed swooping traditional honeycomb cotton declined in a multitude of bright and toned colors. Also to be used in plaid or sofa throw for an elegant and colorful decoration. Piqué 100% cotton honeycomb, washable in a machine 30 degrees.

  • Ilya chalk cushion

    Ilya chalk cushion VIVARAISE. Pleated cushion with Khanta embroidery, nevet closure, 100% cotton (handcrafted). Washable in a 40oC machine. Cushion to use as a decoration on your chairs or on the bed.

  • Robin cushion

    Robin VIVARAISEcushion. Nice plain cushion and satin enhanced with a pretty "horse point" finish made by hand, which comes in many iridescent colors, to coordinate at will with your curtains, plaids or bed throws. Removable quilted satin cushion. Top 100% polyester and chambray 100% cotton.

  • Falbala cushion

    VIVARAISEbeige Falbala cushion. Nice plain cushion and satin enhanced with elegant pompoms, which comes in many iridescent colors, to coordinate at will with your curtains, plaids or bed throws. Quilted satin cushion removable from 100% cotton chambray. Finish handmade pampilles various colors. Washable in a 40oC machine.