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  • Pot Small factory large model

    Pot bathroom Grand Model Petite Manufacture Raspberry COMPTOIR DE FAMILLE. Porcelain pot decorated with raspberry decoration evoke the numbered colours of the color manufacturers. A classic porcelain set decorated with an ancient typography and a raspberry-coloured frieze with a powdered finish.

  • Constance basket round...

    "Constance" Ivory bathroom basket crocheted in a circle and lined with a croquet to store cottons, hair accessories or jewelry. Constance is a range of crocheted bathroom accessories, mischievous nods to the works of our grandmothers.

  • Scented little flower...

    Large French-made "Little Flower Merchant" perfumed candle. A pretty pink candle with an intoxicating scent of fresh flowers: jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom and tuberose. 220g - combustion time: about 40 hours

  • Photophore hive

    Photophore Hive. All in transparency, this photophore with facets in the shape of alveoli will have a beautiful presence on your party table or on a console.

  • Marseille soap shavings

    Real shavings of Marseille soap in a plastic jar with the vintage label. To wash your laundry smoothly like our grandmothers, a handful in hot water, a little elbow grease and the trick is done!!

  • Gourmande Candle

    High quality candle in its glass jar to be laid everywhere and reused. A rich variety of scents for all tastes, very fragrant, it is advisable to let it burn for no more than 2 hours with each use. Made in France, it will embalm the house for the pleasure of the whole family. 21 perfumes to choose from.

  • Collector's Bowl

    It has everything from traditional French bowls, Sundays in the countryside to winter snacks by the fire. French-made, with its large capacity, the soaking of the tartines is not only easy but advised!!

  • Scented dice

    Box of 9 dice of scented wax to burn, or hang in a linen bag in a cupboard, or a car. Declined in several scents they will embalm your habitat, you can cut the dice into pieces for a more subtle smell.

  • Perfume burn

    Burns open scent for candle heats flat and the COMPTOIR DE FAMILLEscented dice. To spread a subtle fragrance throughout the house and have a pretty and useful decorative object.

  • Milk Bottle

    Nice glass bottle carries milk, drinks, fruit juice with the pattern of a cow. Metal handle and a weak cap.

  • Salt and pepper at Chez...

    This essential table duo in enamelled sheet metal revisits the fetish checkerboard of the brand COMPTOIR DE FAMILLE.

  • Soap dispenser Les Bains

    Soap dispenser porcelain baths. Stainless steel swivel head.

  • Damier utensil door

    Utensil door of the Damier range of the brand COMPTOIR DE FAMILLE . Practical and useful. Grey checkerboard pattern and red contour. Faience .

  • Lot of 2 jars sugar/milk...

    Lot of 2 sugar/milk jars of the Damier range of the brand comptoir de famille Pretty little set with its grey checkerboard patterns and red outline. The sugar jar comes with its serving spoon. Faience .

  • Scented candle Sunday in...

    A bouquet of spring flowers such as thrush, daffodil or priming mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass will give an impression of renewal to your interior.

  • Lot of 4 Galline espresso cups

    Small cups decorated for espresso from COMPTOIR DE FAMILLE. The campaign design of this range will go perfectly with the Collector's bowls or the Damiers range.

  • Sommelier bistro glass holder

    Decorated wooden glass holders to hang in the kitchen. Useful and decorative, its vintage side will give an original touch to your interior.

  • Short countertop wall stripper

    Old school wall stripper to hang in your kitchen. Practical, it will make your job easier when you receive the world and will become a must-have.

  • liquid soap Comptoir De...

    Liquid hand soap to put in the kitchen or bathroom with sweet and spring scents. Based on Marseille soap, made in France by a master soap maker.

  • Home fragrance Spice fruits

    Spray for your home, to spread a sweet scent in your home. To be paired with candles or diffuser Spice fruits.

  • Soap Corde

    Soap to hang with its rope. Available in two fragrances for the hands, it will leave you a soft and delicately scented skin. French manufacturing.

  • Scented Spice Fruit Bouquet

    Perfume diffuser for your interior to modulate with sticks, fragrance more or less strong depending on the number arranged in the bottle. French manufacturing

  • Blandine Cup

    Cup for breakfast, it reminds us of the mornings of our childhood with hot chocolate and jam spread... Available in two colours

  • Distributor of soap Baths...

    Soap dispenser with a very 1920s design, chic and timeless. To coordinate with the soap holder and the cup for a nice set.