List of products by brand ANTIC-LINE

Always keen to offer novelties, in constant quest for the "not seen" and the exclusive, the couple focuses on an increasingly wide and varied range of decorative items, scents, lamps and textiles.

From the cast iron towel hanger, through the antique towel holder and the handmade butt,

An increasingly wide and varied range of decorative items, scents, lamps, textiles and furniture of different styles. ANTIC Line focuses on new features and wants you to discover new atmospheres through these collections.

Vintage, "Loft-Atelier" atmospheres are to be discovered now without forgetting the essential atmospheres ofANTIC Line, shabby Chic, the countryside, the mountain, the Manor crossing the worlds of the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the garden...

  • Vintage Bordeaux pendule


    For wine lovers!! Bottle-shaped hanging that will decorate your kitchen with originality.

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  • Vintage red industrial...


    A red industrial style, its hue will give pep's to the kitchen and originality to the living room. Dare the industrial décor in your home!

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  • Porte-parapluie borne incendie


    Un trait d'humour appréciable pour ce porte-parapluie qui interpellera à coup sûr tous vos amis !

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  • Ameublement table plateau en fer
    • On sale!

    Table tray


    An original foldable foot tray to be arranged all over your interior, very practical, the tray is removed.

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  • Patère 3 red valves


    Surprising this pater 3 valves, for the room of your little bits or to give a rebellious side to your interior.

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  • Patère red valve


    To be associated with the patère 3 Vannes or to use separately, this pad will embellish room, bathroom or entrance at your convenience.

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  • Door glasses with friends


    Original, to hang your glasses on the bottle in order to have a free hand for appetizers and share a friendly moment with friends.

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  • Lot of 6 plates of 6 colors


    Lot of 6 plates of 6 different colors (black, white, yellow, green, orange and blue) to make an original table, with a vintage and atypical spirit. To coordinate with dessert plates for more pep's!

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  • Lot of 6 dessert plates 6...


    Lot of 6 dessert plates of 6 different colors (black, white, orange, green, blue and yellow) that can be paired with the large model plates to have fun making an original and colorful table.

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  • Plane propeller


    Original airplane propeller and decorative wood and iron .

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  • Can KeyBox


    A key box in the shape of an oil can with a vintage and industrial spirit. It can hold two kits, even if the keys are large. A practical and playful decorative object.

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  • Pub mailbox


    Box receiving your letters in an original and playful way, it is to be fixed to the wall. You can pair it with our industrial-inspired deco accessories.

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  • Vintage beetle


    Very beautiful reproduction of the mythical ladybug of Wolkswagen. To complete a collection, to make children dream, this small car symbol of an entire era will fill young and old. To offer or to offer

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  • Lot de 6 bols Brasserie 6...


    Une collection de bols originale faisant partie de toute une gamme de vaisselle très colorée. Ces bols vous donneront le pep's qui vous manquera le matin. A chacun sa couleur et sa boisson. Petits et grands s'amuseront avec ces bols à l'esprit vintage.

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  • Red vintage pendule


    Triangular-shaped case ideal for cooking or a child's room. Its vintage style is part of the trend of the year. Sold on a unit basis.

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  • Brasserie glass carafe


    Table carafe with white inscription. Its old school style and design will grace your table nicely.

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  • Harley with Ape hanger


    Beautiful model Harley with its handlebars Ape hanger. For lovers of the iconic brand or for its originality it is a beautiful gift to offer or to offer.

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  • Pendule Bistrot de Paris


    All the charm of the paris neighborhoods and its old bistros in this vintage clock. In a living room, kitchen or dining room, it will be a centerpiece of your decoration.

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  • Austin Mini


    Replica of the mini with its English flag on the roof, it's a whole time!! Peace and love, Beattles and flower power in one car!!

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  • Mobylette and his basket


    Ride youth!! This moped takes us back to the 60s and 70s with its basket and mini bag. An object for nostalgics to pose on a shelf or in a shop window.

  • Yellow plane


    Very nice reproduction of aircraft from the beginning of the 20th century for lovers of clouds. To be placed on a console, a shelf, a desk... a beautiful gift to give or to give.

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  • Picnic basket 2 people rounded


    Small picnic basket for 2 people to take to the beach or to the countryside. Practical and pretty, everything is designed so that you have everything at your fingertips.

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  • 2 CV with tricycle


    Reproduction of 2 CV with a tricycle and a suitcase on his gallery to remind us that, yes, our parents were going on holiday with this mythical car!!

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  • Station's Bistro Pendule


    Beautiful large-format pendulum with its 60 cm diameter. As a decorative element to be placed on a piece of furniture or on the floor, or simply to give the time, it inevitably attracted the eye.

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