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  • Pack 12 cooking candles for...


    Specific candle for the Lumi raclette 2 people. To be positioned in the compartment provided for this purpose: it takes two candles for more efficiency.

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  • Lot of 6 bamboo straws Bam bam


    100% natural, reusable, washable thanks to the pin. From sustainably managed forests, rediscover the pleasure of guilt-free straw-drinking beverages. Your children will love and thank you!

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  • Creazy Whipped Shaker


    Shaker to achieve your whipped cream for sure in 1 minute! Thanks to its silicone beads with a particular shape, simply pour the ingredients and shake. Too easy!

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  • Shaker à mayonnaise Mayozen


    Graduated glass pot with silicone ball to make delicious homemade mayonnaises in record time without ever missing it. To your recipes!

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  • 1 H Wapy Timer


    Small lift timer with original design with its elk woods for better grip to use. Programmable time maximum 1 hour.

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  • We are mojito doser pilon


    Tool 4 in 1, it can measure rum and cane sugar, hammer ice, squeeze lemon and pound mint. To be consumed in moderation.

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